Devoid of inspiration? Full of conflicting emotions? Lacking clarity and almost giving into dejection? Sound like you? I am here to tell you to allow yourself to go through all these emotions because denying them will be counterproductive but most especially not to dwell in this ‘period’. You see I call it a ‘period’ because the totality of life is made up of small pockets of time called ‘periods’.

Good periods, bad periods, happy periods, sad periods, but I am very concerned with the ‘confused and dejected period’. This could be caused by so many things, heartbreak, disappointment, failure, death, too many to name but whatever the cause it is important to remember that this like any other is just a ‘period’ and it would pass.

Periods – small pockets of time moving constantly regardless of your countenance.

It brings with it a different experience, but we must try not to get stuck in any ‘period’. Why? you may ask. My response is clear and concise. If you are having a bad period and you dwell, it steals your joy and rids you of the opportunity to experience something different, something better. We are always tempted to wish and hope for prolonged happy periods but like I said earlier; let them come, let them run their course, allow yourself to go through the all the mixed feelings then always be ready to move on expectant of what is coming next.

What else is Life about? We are constantly in a transient state and perpetually in motion. If you stop for a minute and linger, the train leaves you behind. So why don’t we make the most of our experiences, our triumphs, our failures, our grief, our happiness and learn to use our visceral nature to keep moving regardless of what each ‘period’ brings.