The power of failure- Why a bit of failure can be a good thing. — Whispering Hope

If you have been sailing through life and never failed at anything, it is difficult to appreciate the gift that failure can bring to your soul. I feel so sad. Failing again and again has bashed my self esteem. it has made me question myself. Am I really good enough? Perhaps I have been very… via… Continue reading The power of failure- Why a bit of failure can be a good thing. — Whispering Hope

From the heart

My heart and My Family

The saying "don’t judge a book by its cover" is the only thing I can think of while narrating this. I met John on one of my frequent weekend visits to my sister’s house. I found that it was a very easy way to spend my weekends, after the long week of job hunting and… Continue reading My heart and My Family

Short Stories

Best Man / Worst Mate [3]

Still lying down he picked up his phone once again and mustered the courage to call Chioma back. He could hear his racing heartbeat as loudly as he could hear the dial tone, after the seventh ring she picked. He didn’t know what to say to her but he certainly knew calling her back was… Continue reading Best Man / Worst Mate [3]


The Power Within

The power that lies within us is unfathomable, the mind is the engine room that drives us as individuals, and like every other engine it must be continuously fueled and adequately maintained. Life and death, they say are in the power of the tongue – what we say or profess. I say life and death… Continue reading The Power Within


The Letter Series [1]

John: It kills me to write this to you but I must be in touch with reality. The truth is, affections are mostly never enough for a healthy relationship. We must constantly work to build what people may perceive as a perfect relationship. Ours is one that is drifting at the moment like a floater… Continue reading The Letter Series [1]


Dealing with a lost friendship or relationship

People leave!!! People come and go as they please, this is a fact and the earlier we accept this the better. Nothing lasts forever, not even happiness. I always advise that you live in the moment, enjoy, and cherish times spent with loved ones but most importantly to recognize when it’s all over and know… Continue reading Dealing with a lost friendship or relationship


Life Requires Patience

A good friend of mine sat across me with so much excitement in his eyes as he narrated how he landed his dream job with little or no effort on his part. He saw it as nothing short of the miracle he had been praying for. I was so happy for him that I couldn’t… Continue reading Life Requires Patience



Devoid of inspiration? Full of conflicting emotions? Lacking clarity and almost giving into dejection? Sound like you? I am here to tell you to allow yourself to go through all these emotions because denying them will be counterproductive but most especially not to dwell in this ‘period’. You see I call it a ‘period’ because… Continue reading “Periods”


Best Man / Worst Mate [2]

Tunde was now back in his apartment as he had cut the night short despite Emeka’s pleas for them to go out clubbing that night. He had declined, citing tiredness after a long week as his reason but promised to host him Saturday night at one of the most popular night clubs in town. Emeka… Continue reading Best Man / Worst Mate [2]



Lying on my bed, drifting in and out of sleep barely conscious yet somewhat awake. I could hear ringing, I couldn’t tell if I was hearing it for real or it was all in a dream due to my state. A loud bang on my door jolted me out of my uncertainty. It was my… Continue reading Spongebob