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No to Slavery

I have so many questions, how? I ask, can man harbor so much hatred, how can man take advantage of his fellow-man in this way?

How do people wake up and decide to profit from another’s woes?

How is it that this has been going on for so long?

How has this not stirred up a global outrage?

How do we begin to fight this?

Is it too late or can we salvage this pitiful and painful situation?

How can one look at a person formed and shaped just like you and treat him/her like an animal?

How have we deadened our consciousness, and numbed ourselves to the plight of the helpless?

What we see in the media is only a snippet of a wholesale nightmare, the heart of man is desperately wicked. We are still in chains, you and I that feel we have our freedom, so we can afford to look the other way while this is happening to our people in our time. We would be guilty of this callous act if we do not speak, act and fight against these atrocities. Love your neighbor as you do yourself the bible says but again I ask, “where is the love”? You take away their freedom, strip them of their dignity, their pride, break and rid them of their humanity all because you can, and you feel you are superior.

You call yourself human, yet you deign to do this to a fellow being, where is the compassion, the empathy, why so evil? We should all look within and if you still think there is nothing you can do to stop this madness, this monstrosity, I only ask that we all lend our voice to break these chains. We must say, this would not happen in our time, not on our watch. I can’t look at the images been circulated in the media without cringing and crying at what we have chosen to do to one another.

I can’t imagine that this is someone’s reality, all because of desperation that has been fueled by the failure of a system, a government that we put in place to provide basic needs for the populace. Who is to blame we must ask but not dwell as the blood of our brothers, sisters, children are crying out in these distant lands and we must act now to free them, to help them, to take care of survivors and most importantly to forestall a repeat occurrence of these evil acts. Say no to slavery, do what you can today. Let us answer to this call for HELP.

Photo by Tony Rojas on Unsplash


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