From the heart

Letter Series [2]

So, babe, you like me but you don’t love me, you can’t forget me but you have doubts about a future with me. You feel the need to support me but you are skeptical about what role you should play in my life. You are tired of the uncertainty, the unending and undefined relationship. To you, companionship is important, but still understanding and accepting how I see you and what plans I have for you is your primary concern. You can’t wait forever you always think, is he ever going to come around? or am I just grasping at straws? You feel tied to me and it scares you a lot. At some point you must make up your mind and take forward steps even if it means leaving me behind. Starting a new chapter in life is hard but you can only do it one leaf at a time.

I would understand if you can’t do this anymore, in recent times I have been somewhat selfish only thinking about myself. I haven’t focused on you, on helping you achieve your goals, this is not just about our future, it is about your future. I want to help you grow to be the woman who you dream to be, I want to share in the journey, cheer you on, be here for you to lean on if ever you need help. The road to self-discovery is lonely but I don’t want you to walk it alone, my dreams are great but I am here to say yours are too. I can’t do all these from the sidelines, I can only be an integral part of your life if you let me.

Life throws so much uncertainty at us and I promise not to be a part of that, I want to be the face you turn to when you need reassurance, when you need unwavering loyalty. What plans do I have for you, you ask? I only ask you to take this walk with me, I don’t promise success or no hard times, I promise I will be there to pull you up, to be your sounding board, to take those sucker punches life cowardly throws at us all. It is all up to you; your success will be mine as well. I don’t care about nothing else, just focused on you, no bird eye view, just a tunnel vision. What a sight it is indeed, a perfect WOMAN, my WOMAN. It is my turn to be there for you and I am ready to do that and more. You will never have to look farther than your shoulder to see me smiling back at you, urging you, pushing you to be the best. You have my attention, you have my support, you have my love and my heart.

I am typing this with my ‘puppy eyed look’, please say yes to me and let us begin, for we have a lot of work to do, but I promise it would be so much fun.

With Love,