Fine art

A seemingly easy word prompt for the day – ‘delivery’, but I find myself staring into space thinking of what to write, how to write it and how the reader will perceive it. In other words, I am worried and concerned my content and delivery. As writers, we have a lot to say but how and when we say it matters a lot. Your work should either be a deliberate or not so deliberate act to entertain, teach, indulge, satisfy, placate, or provoke your reader sending them into a world of emotions they either want to suppress or need help expressing.

People marvel at the way writers inspire, invoke, or provoke thought with mere words and how well they play with them. Sometimes the message is clear, other times the reader is left with some work to do. Whichever the case, delivery is key. I have found personally that I mostly start with a clear message in my opening paragraph and have all other parts of the writeup build this center message.

Other Times, I use bits and pieces of the entire passage to express my message with a subtle or not so subtle interplay of ideas, concepts or themes. It depends entirely on the author and what he or she is trying to achieve with his piece.Whatever means you choose, you must keep the reader engrossed, keep them hanging on to your every word, your every line, your punctuations, your anecdotes and most especially your story.

I personally choose to write with whatever emotion I am feeling at that moment. On the very sunny happy days, my thoughts are random and all over the place hence my writing tends to take a more freestyle approach. This tends to excite the audience and they can feel the animation in the piece.

However, on sad and melancholic days, the depth of the message will strike the reader square right on the jaw and they can relate albeit live momentarily in my shoes. This is why I consider the ability to do this an art. The process, execution and delivery of this fine art must be protected, it must be nurtured, pampered, and allowed to live freely on the pages or to grow in the minds and hearts of the audience – the canvas.

The responsibility is also not solely on the writer, as a reader you should pay attention to every detail in the body of work and let your imagination go wild so you can live not only in our world but thrive in it as well. In my storytelling, I always leave the audience with the annoying yet exciting and satisfying job of predicting how the story ends or writing their own desired ending. This way they satisfy their innate desire to be creators, to be like us. I am sure they would be very grateful for the opportunity to live like one of us.

4 thoughts on “Fine art

  1. The way you take dey plait the words dey burst my head. I better keep writing o! You have a clear voice. You have finally taken your place. Go on sor-woon jor…nothing do you. Zimen😘

  2. I don’t consider myself as writer, so I’m free to write what’s on my mind, just for myself and if someone will find it as helpful for him, it’s good. However it’s good to know you care about to be as professional as possible, I appreciate it.
    Take care and have a nice day.

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