Face your fears

What is important to me? Apart from the obvious, family and myself. Beyond that I seem to be lost, not in the real sense of the word though. I have been searching for that elusive ‘purpose’, ‘passion’, ‘gift’ as it is so often called. I am beginning to think that the ‘search’ is my actual purpose.

Funny you might think but I believe so many people fall into this category. We know or have heard of other people, our age or even people younger who seem to have it all figured out and are envious of them wondering how it all came to be. Did they just wake up with a clear picture of who they are and what they are here on earth to do?

Perhaps we might wonder if they had an epiphany like in the movies, that ‘aha’ moment which comes with so much clarity, a well thought out plan, a transcript as well as subtitles just to make sure nothing is missed. I doubt it’s all that simple, I like to think we all struggle.

Some more than others, myself included and I think indecision and fear seem to be the difference between us and them the ‘doers’, the ‘achievers’. I am a classic example, I find something I love and enjoy doing but I often over analyze every situation instead of acting and learning. I can attribute that to fear. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of looking stupid, these are all valid crippling emotions but we shouldn’t dwell on them and allow them to overshadow the fact that without trying you never learn. You just never know.

On the other hand, it is not like the other group of people the ‘doers’ yes them …. still envious, right? It is not like they don’t entertain fear, they do, but they also know that character is forged through experience so they go ahead and do it anyway regardless of the outcome. They always take the positives and learn from the negatives of every experience thereby becoming better off than people like us who sit idle.
So, from now on I pledge to act after thinking it through. Oh, so you thought I will become a mindless robot and start acting on a whim? No way! I will still think things through but instead of being incapacitated by fear, I will list out the pros and cons and weigh them against each other, make an objective decision and act on it. I think you should too, so I say who is with me and if I must walk this path alone I certainly would. Or would I?
Hey! Fear leave me the hell alone.

I am going to list all my fears in addition to the few already listed above just to reinforce this concept and rise above them all.
Fear of being ridiculed, fear of criticism, fear of starting out an action plan, and not following through, fear of being lazy and selling myself short, fear of bad decisions, fear of meeting someone special and not being ready, fear of being successful and being pressured to live up to those successes, fear of not being able to provide for my family while I am chasing my dream, and finally the fear of achieving my dream and finding out it is not enough.
Too many right? These fears are common among creative people but we should give ourselves a break and learn to put these fears to better use. So, this is me saying I am above all these frightening, crippling, incapacitating emotions. Here’s to being a ‘doer’, an ‘achiever’, a ‘failure’, a ‘success story’ and a master of your fears.


4 thoughts on “Face your fears

  1. This is very apt. I feel many people experience fear just like this but do not even know how to admit it. Failure to admit these difficulties is fear in it self.
    I enjoyed the realistic approach to your writing.

  2. I love his one. It brought tears to my eyes because I recently experienced this “fear” that you describe here. I waited 34 years to do so and havingbhad no prior experience under my belt to learn from, I simply was lost …that fear. Of all the fears you describe, there is one I will never wish to experience. “Fear of achieving my dream and finding out that it is not even enough!” I know more than most that nearly all things are overrated. They excite and cajole us for as long as they elude us. Only to mean absolutely nothing more than we ever had before we acquired them and then the chase continues. In fact I agree that the “chase” is the purpose of life. I could go on…but I will go away and ponder on this words you have planted in my heart. 🍷 Cheers

    1. Dealing with fear requires knowing our true self and being brave enough to face the darkest part of our being. The power to overcome fear lies within.
      Thanks for reading and glad you could relate to this and admit it. We are even scared most times to admit to our fears and limitations. Always thinking we are inadequate if we admit, but for me this is the first step to being truly liberated.

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