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No to Slavery

I have so many questions, how? I ask, can man harbor so much hatred, how can man take advantage of his fellow-man in this way? How do people wake up and decide to profit from another’s woes? How is it that this has been going on for so long? How has this not stirred up… Continue reading No to Slavery



There is a peace within me when I am alone and tuned out, leaving all the worries of the world behind. For some people it is a luxury but for me I try to create this haven daily.


My Ideal Woman

Someone asked me what I am looking for in a woman and instead of me to be my usual superficial self and list a lot of physical attributes that would make one gasp for air, I just couldn’t. So, here’s what I am looking for, a WOMAN. Not just because she is female, not just… Continue reading My Ideal Woman