Black and beautiful

Everything about you is graceful and elegant. To define beauty they should speak only about you. I am sitting, staring at your face and I am so in awe. Your eyes are like a portal into who you are. Bright, wide, piercing and deep. I can’t wait to look into them in person. Your hair is so natural and majestic. It must be an art to make it look so full, so plush, so regal like a crown on your head, my Queen.
When you smile, everything seems to fall in place. Your gap tooth is so cute and makes me want to keep you laughing always so I can enjoy your epic smile. Your lips will definitely get me into trouble. The fullness, the color, the shape of your lips leaves me wanting to taste them. All I want to do is part them with mine, I know that would be heaven.
You are a perfect embodiment of genuine art in my eyes. I am intrigued by you, listening to your voice over and over while picturing your smile or hearing your laughter has got me hooked. All these features perfectly mounted on a body frame that oozes of grace and royalty. Your neck and shoulder, your curves leaves me wanting to photograph you.
Saying you are beautiful is not doing you any justice. To top it all up, who you are makes me want to spend every waking moment with you. Don’t give your heart to soon they say, but I am simple and I wear my heart on my sleeve. It’s easier for me that way. I need you, I want you. I don’t care about distance or circumstance, all I want is that we are both willing to give this a chance. I sincerely hope you are.

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