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Best Man / Worst Mate [3]

Still lying down he picked up his phone once again and mustered the courage to call Chioma back. He could hear his racing heartbeat as loudly as he could hear the dial tone, after the seventh ring she picked.

He didn’t know what to say to her but he certainly knew calling her back was his best option, he had decided to discuss the situation before it got out of hand. She sounded calmer as she called out his name, he let her do all the talking so he could pick his words carefully. He could hear more of relief in her voice than anger and he began to sense that this was just another dramatic episode of his ‘soon to be bride’. She apologized for throwing a tantrum but still blamed him for not calling her since he left town.

“Who does that?” She said in a whisper.

He apologized and took full responsibility for the goof and was almost smiling as she accepted his apology. He promised to make it up to her once he returned, after all his flight back was in the morning and he would be seeing her very soon.

Shit !! he exclaimed, as he said those words realizing that he was supposed to be at the airport or at least on the way to the airport and not in bed. He looked at the wall clock and it was already ten minutes to ten. His flight was for 11.30 am, he jumped up, said his goodbyes hurriedly as he put down his phone and sprinted to the washroom to get ready.

He barely had time to properly shower, he brushed, washed his face, opened the bathroom medicine cabinet, and popped four pills of aspirin just to get rid of his lingering headache. He dashed out of the toilet, changed into a T-shirt and jeans, threw his dirty clothes into his suitcase. He grabbed his laptop, phone and keys and put them in his laptop bag while confirming his tickets were still there and headed out. As he headed down the stairs again he tried calling Tunde but still there was no answer, at this point he gave up and focused all his efforts on getting to the airport on time for his flight. Missing that flight would be the worst thing that could happen after an already eventful night.

Once downstairs, he got a cab easily with the help of the doorman. He jumped in and felt relieved as the airport was only twenty minutes from the hotel barring traffic or any unforeseen circumstances. He was cutting it close though. Luckily, he arrived at the airport and went through all the protocols in less than 45 minutes, now he could relax and get something to eat and maybe coffee for his hangover.

His phone rang and it was Tunde

“Dude just wanted to make sure you made it to the airport in one piece”, he said

Emeka had so many questions but he didn’t have the time, he just told his friend that he was good and that he was already past all the checkpoints and just waiting for his flight. He bought his coffee and waited patiently for the boarding call.

Finally, he could relax properly now the plane was in the air and just before he switched his mobile to flight mode, he received a whatsapp message from the same mystery number. He downloaded the video and contemplated watching it because of the people around him in case it was like the video he received earlier. He decided to watch and delete it, so he could know what really happened last night and how he got so wasted that he couldn’t remember anything.

“After all he didn’t drink that much” he thought to himself.

The room was dark, with a little light coming in from the ceiling, just enough to give the room the perfect ambience.

Now looking at himself lying on the bed, he was more confused. How did he get so drunk, so wasted? He wished he could see a video of the whole evening and not just when they were alone in the room. He had no choice than to settle for this video.

She locked the door and came on to him, she kissed him and was feeling him up, she could feel his bulge. He was hard and suddenly awake now, she went down slowly kissing his neck and running her hands all over his dick.

Without hesitating, he grabbed her waist, threw her on the bed and started fumbling with the zip on her dress while kissing her hungrily. She was so into it all and that drove him crazy, he couldn’t wait to see that gorgeous body in this lighting. She held his hands and smiled at him, as he was making no progress with the dress. She pushed him off and slowly unzipped the dress on the side from top to bottom, she gently rolled the dress of her shoulder revealing her perfect body. He was biting his lips already as he watched her sensual tease, she had the gown now at her waist and her boobs in all its glory were staring him now in the face. He dove right in and helped her get the dress off as she arched her back. Casting the unwanted piece to the floor, he took off his own shirt, undid his buckle and removed his jeans increasing the pile on the floor. He fondled her breasts as he kissed her neck, he removed each breast without undoing her bra and sucked on the nipples, teasing with his tongue. the sounds she made every time he bit her nipples was music to his ears.

Her body was responding to his every touch; he went down slowly kissing her navel while one hand was still squeezing her tits and the other cupped her ass. He put his hand into her panties and could feel her so wet, he gently slid his finger in and she moaned in delight. She was so wet and warm, he enjoyed fucking her with his fingers back and forth as she held on to him. He let go and the went down on her, slid her panties to the side and worked her clitoris with his tongue. He parted her lips and teased her more with his tongue fucking. She was now screaming, and pushing his head to go harder, her waist was high up in his face now matching his every move, he stopped and returned to increase her pleasure by nibbling on her clit once again, she could barely resist now, her juices were all over his face, he was happy pleasuring her and dictating the tempo. He was in control and was loving it. He would stop momentarily, look at her, she would beg him to continue while she played with her boobs and he would return to her doing everything differently each time. Her body couldn’t take it anymore, she let out a deep groan as she held his head, pinning him while her body quaked vigorously.

He pulled himself free and lay down by her side, without words her hands went down to his dick, brought them out and he could see the awe on her face at the sheer size of it, she went down and started sucking him. It felt so good, he watched her smile and wink at him as she played with his balls and sucked, always teasing him with some tongue action at the tip. He wanted to stop her because he was losing control, she urged him to relax while she worked her magic.

“He couldn’t do all this with his fiancé”, he thought to himself as he watched on. He could see why this experience was so intense. “He needed this” he thought.

The height of the pleasure he was receiving now had his mind wandering, his legs were firmly planted on the floor now to keep them from shaking. He was so close, he moved his hips to match her rhythm, he knew he was about to cum and he pulled out and came on her chest. Her smile and sense of satisfaction spurred him on. He wanted another bout. It almost became a contest who could give more pleasure, a contest he wanted to win but didn’t mind losing.

He pulled her up and turned her huge butt to face him, he caressed her boobs beneath while he slapped her ass. She shrieked, he started fucking her from behind and she was equally matching his thrust. He kept pounding away as she screamed, he closed her mouth with his hands, in a bid to get her to shut up. She was still screaming, but all he could hear was a muffled sound and he didn’t mind that. He changed position, pushed her to the headboard and started fucking her harder and now he was the one screaming her name. she was pulling him in and urging him to go harder.

The video went off abruptly at this point and he was suddenly aware that he had an audience, a young couple looking at him with disgust. He quickly shut off his phone and put it away. He felt a different way after watching the video.

He couldn’t help but smile, “the night wasn’t all that bad after all” he thought.

Although he enjoyed the video, he couldn’t help but wonder why there was a video in the first place and what devious plan the mystery contact was up to for keeping a record of that night.

“Tunde had a lot of explaining to do” he concluded.

He shut his eye and was finally able to get some rest…….

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  1. Hmmmm…. very delicate intricacies of the night come to life. The plot continues to be weaved. This is for over 18s only o. Adult content. Lovely. I can’t wait for part 4. So hooked.

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