Best Man / Worst Mate [2]

Tunde was now back in his apartment as he had cut the night short despite Emeka’s pleas for them to go out clubbing that night. He had declined, citing tiredness after a long week as his reason but promised to host him Saturday night at one of the most popular night clubs in town. Emeka had grudgingly accepted.

He sought Uncle Jack for company, but his thoughts were louder. He sank into the single sofa facing the window, he couldn’t help but recall every single detail about that fateful day.

A day he got served with the most gut wrenching, earth shattering, heartbreaking news he had ever heard. He could remember vividly the restaurant they sat in, the drinks they had, the music playing in the background. How she barely cracked a smile when he gave her a compliment about the way she looked. Most especially he could remember the look in her eyes, the tears she shed as she struggled with words. He recalled calming her down wondering what it was that troubled her. Her voice and her words were still very clear and they still sent shivers down his spine.

He was enraged… How could he have been so blind, so stupid, so naïve? An inner voice telling him, urging him to remain calm but he felt pain, the same pain he had tried to bury for six months. He had gone through a full spectrum of emotions in that time; self-pity, self-loathing, anger, rage, bitterness. He wondered how or why he had bottled it up and let it all slide. Tonight, he swore under his breath “To hell with it all”. He was going to get his revenge, it seemed childish, petty, wicked but he didn’t care. Anything to stop feeling this way, and with every sip of his drink the plan became clearer and he found himself smiling as he stared at his reflection in the bedroom window.

“I felt pain and they must feel pain too” he said to himself. It was now 1 am, he picked up his phone and called Bidemi. At the seventh ring, she picked…

What!! She croaked. Why are you calling me at this ungodly hour?

Tunde – I need you to do something for me and I am willing to pay handsomely.

Bidemi immediately sat up, her voice louder and clearer.

Bidemi – What do you need and hope you know my rate.

Bidemi was that girl, who did any and everything for money. She was the go to girl for all things devious and sinister.

“Meet me at ‘The Pint’ at 11 pm tomorrow, I would fill you in then”. He ended the call.

Bidemi smiled to herself… Still holding her phone to her ear, she eased back into her sleeping position. She looked over her shoulder to check if the call had disturbed her “John”.

He was fast asleep…. She put down her phone and gently slid back under the covers……

Tunde drove down to Emeka’s hotel, buoyed in his mood, blasting music from the car stereo. He felt so good with himself.

“Whatever happens to them, they deserved it” he had concluded last night, he was just going to have fun watching it all burn down. Firstly, he had to keep his cool and not betray any of his plans by being any different from the cool, calm, and calculated guy everyone knew and loved.

He jumped out as soon as he pulled into the hotel driveway, tossed the key to the valet shouting “keep the engine running” as he dashed across the lobby and up the elevator to the eighth floor.

Counting room numbers as he strolled along the corridor, till he got to room 808. He banged on the door, a sleepy-eyed Emeka opened the door slightly and on seeing Tunde closed the door undid the latch and let him in.

Tunde – what’s up man? Were you asleep? Did you forget our agreement last night? Dude!! Get dressed man we are going to ‘The Pint’.

Emeka – Oh snap!! I forgot, I have had a lazy day all through. Give me ten minutes to shower and change into something appropriate.

Tunde – You had better do all that in less than ten minutes or I am leaving you and starting this party without you.

Emeka dashed off to the washroom with excitement, Tunde pulled up a chair, helped himself to a glass of bourbon and starting texting Bidemi.

The text read “hey you I am heading out soon, see you at eleven and make sure you come with the juice”

In exactly three minutes Emeka reappeared wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. He headed for the table, picked his phone, and motioned to Tunde.

“Let’s bounce” he said.

Tunde smiled and teased “are you sure you showered? Hell, I don’t even care, you better not stink up the club and kill my vibe tonight”.

He gulped down his drink and they headed out……

At the club, everybody was in a frenzy on the dance floor swinging and swaying to popular Naija tunes while Tunde and Emeka were at the bar drinking and chatting. Tunde looked across the bar to the entrance and saw Bidemi walk in, he looked at his watch 11.01 pm.

“About time” he whispered. Tunde stood up and said to Emeka, “I will be right back”.

He signaled Bidemi with his eyes and motioned for her to meet up at the other end of the bar near the VIP rooms. They met up, he tipped the bouncer at the entrance and they both disappeared down the corridors and into one of the rooms.

Tunde – So there is someone I want you to give your special.

Bidemi – Is that all? Why did you sound so mysterious and cryptic last night?

Tunde – Oh don’t worry, this would be so much fun for you. You are to give him the deluxe package only this time it would all be documented. Why do you think I chose this room?

Bidemi – Who is the lucky guy?

Tunde – A friend I guess.

She smiled while opening her purse. Tunde saw the contents and smacked her butt. “That’s my girl” he said as he left the room. This was not her first gig and he knew she had mastered her role as seductress.

He rejoined Emeka at the bar apologizing and asking that they take the party to a more private section of the club. They drank a couple more shots before changing location to one of the reserved booths, where they ordered more drinks and were enjoying the magnificent view of the club from above.

Their table was filled with more alcohol than was needed, Emeka screamed into Tunde’s ear why all these drinks? Tunde responded, “I am showing you how we party down south. Just relax and have a good time, moreover soon you will be missing all of this” he said as he stood up pointing to the whole club scene and dancing.

“Drink up friend” Tunde shouted.

Two beautiful ladies walked by their booth looking stunning and dressed to kill. Emeka nudged his friend showing him the ladies and Tunde obliged, he stopped them as they walked by.

Tunde – Hello ladies, you look absolutely stunning tonight. I am Tunde and this is my friend Emeka, why don’t you ladies join us tonight. We would like to buy you ladies a drink.

Bidemi – Oh really that’s very nice of you. Thanks for the offer but we already ordered our drinks and are headed to our booth over there.

Tunde – Aww come on ladies, drinking alone is no fun! Join us… I promise you it would be an interesting night.

Emeka was tugging at Tunde’s jean under the table in a bid to get him to stop. It was too late though because the ladies accepted and joined them in the booth. Tunde made way for them to sit comfortably in between the two gents as he said to the ladies “I can keep calling you beautiful all night but why don’t you tell us your names”. Emeka felt that sounded corny but he managed a smile and looked to the girls waiting for them to introduce themselves.

There was a slight hesitance on their part, Emeka suddenly apologized “forgive my friend for his crude ways, I am Emeka and he is Tunde. What are your names?”

He smiled and stretched out his hand, Bidemi shook him saying

“I am Bidemi and this is my friend Kenny”.

“It’s nice to meet you both” Tunde screamed as he signaled the bouncer to order them some more champagne.

Bidemi now on a mission spoke to Emeka alone asking “all these drinks for just the two of you? are you expecting more guests? By the way what are you guys celebrating? your friend seems super animated”.

Emeka – I am not sure, I told my good friend here about my engagement and my wedding coming up next month and I guess that’s why he is in celebratory mood.

Bidemi – Aww that’s so nice, congratulations are in order then. She is a very lucky woman.

She smiled touching his arm, “you must be more excited than you are letting off” she continued.

Tunde cut in saying “consider this to be the bachelor eve before the bachelor eve”.

He poured drinks for the ladies and passed them along.

Tunde – Everyone raise your glasses to my very good friend Emeka.

They all stood up with their drinks, clinking glasses and shouting in excitement. Tunde pulled Kenny aside almost spilling her drink. “Let’s dance” he said and she agreed following his lead to the dance floor.

Bidemi was dancing now while Emeka stood idly sipping his drink.

Bidemi – the DJ is really dope tonight…. Wanna dance?

‘No, not at all, I can’t dance to save my life’ he responded.

Bidemi – I will teach you, just follow my lead. You really don’t have to be the best dancer out there.

Emeka – No, I would rather just watch you. You seem like a very good dancer.

Bidemi – Why do you say so?

Emeka – you have a dancer’s body and moreover I have been watching you since you walked up here and it seems you really can’t wait to start dancing.

She pushed him forcing him to sit and she started dancing, moving her body, and whining her very slim waist to Wizkid’s come closer. He couldn’t take his eyes of her, silently wishing her had not refused her offer to dance. She looked over her shoulder, winking at him as she started twerking. He fought the urge to grab her waist, but it seemed like that was a battle he was bound to lose.

She turned to face him, grabbed his drink, and set it on the table. She spun around and continued dancing, this time sitting on his lap and grinding.

Emeka resisted, trying to push her off him but she leaned back into him and started grinding harder holding his laps firmly as she did. She felt his bulge and for a minute he stopped fighting it. He was enjoying her every movement, he moved with her and to her. She knew now that she had his attention, she stood up adjusted her dress and pulled Emeka by the arm leading him to the dance floor. He followed her like sheep ready for the slaughter….

On the dance floor now, her dancing became wilder and sexier as the music intensified. She had him following her every move while keeping his gaze, she kept pushing her body up on him, grinding up against him. He didn’t mind now because he was excited and was no longer thinking clearly. He was feeling the girl, hand on her waist slow whining and pulling her in. They danced for what seemed like an eternity, tune after tune screaming as the DJ mesmerized the crowd.

She faced him, leaned in, bit his ear, and whispered “you wanna get out of here?”

Before he responded, she pulled him and headed back to the booth. She handed him his drink shouting “bottoms up” while she gulped hers down and they headed downstairs to the private room area.

He felt dizzy as they made their way across the dance floor pushing through bodies and trying to keep up with her. In the corridor leading up to the rooms, she kept on bumping and grinding up on him to the fading sound of the music as they made their way down the hall.

Now in the room, he felt woozy and sank into the bed immediately. She closed the door behind and he heard a locking sound but that was the last thing he could remember. The rest of the night was a blur…….

He woke up, head pounding in his room wondering what happened last night and how he managed to get to his room. The sunlight from the blinds were directly in his face, he squinted and rolled over to the edge of the bed. He picked up his phone to check what the time was and maybe call his friend Tunde to ask him about what had happened last night. He saw twenty-eight missed calls, twenty-four from his beloved fiancée, four from Tunde, three whatsapp messages from an unknown number, and a bunch of voice messages.

He opened the whatsapp message, it was a video captioned ‘last night was hot [smiley face]’. He played it curiously and his jaw dropped, he had Bidemi pinned to the headboard of the bed; her legs on his shoulder and him pounding away and screaming her name. He couldn’t believe his eyes, the phone almost dropped from his hands as he watched for the twenty-two seconds the video lasted.

He dialed Tunde, no answer…. He dialed the unknown number, no response either….

He then checked his twenty voice messages, it was Chioma screaming at the top of her lungs crying and cursing the day she met him. Message after message he could hear the pain in her voice, it then dawned on him that he wasn’t the only recipient of that whatsapp video. He lay back on the bed battling the worst hangover ever while wondering how he had messed up his life just for a night of fun with his best friend. If only he knew….