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No to Slavery

I have so many questions, how? I ask, can man harbor so much hatred, how can man take advantage of his fellow-man in this way? How do people wake up and decide to profit from another’s woes? How is it that this has been going on for so long? How has this not stirred up… Continue reading No to Slavery

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Torn and Confused

Feel so disgusted writing this, I feel so numb inside and still feel helpless. I have no one to tell, who would listen anyways without judging me. He was supposed to be my friend, I felt safe with him, yet he did this to me. We have always goofed around, and he was always a… Continue reading Torn and Confused



There is a peace within me when I am alone and tuned out, leaving all the worries of the world behind. For some people it is a luxury but for me I try to create this haven daily.


My Ideal Woman

Someone asked me what I am looking for in a woman and instead of me to be my usual superficial self and list a lot of physical attributes that would make one gasp for air, I just couldn’t. So, here’s what I am looking for, a WOMAN. Not just because she is female, not just… Continue reading My Ideal Woman


Make a difference

I overthink a lot, I worry a lot. Its difficult not to when you don’t know what the next second brings, but here is the thing, it robs you of living through the moment you currently are in. It is easy to say I will motivate myself daily, I will worry less, I will control… Continue reading Make a difference


Tales from a coward

I met her on my way home on that fateful day, she walked up to me and introduced herself, we had a mutual friend and that was her in. It is not as if I hadn’t seen her before, I had been a silent admirer as we all lived in the same neighborhood, but she… Continue reading Tales from a coward


Love requires effort

Being open and upfront is so unappreciated these days. You meet someone you like, and lay your cards on the table, you end up being ridiculed, you are being gawked at for being true. People would rather you play games. You conceal your emotions, so you don't look cheap or desperate. They rather you act… Continue reading Love requires effort

From the heart

Letter Series [3]

I am going to be brutally honest with you. I sat across you on that sunny afternoon listening to you talk about him and your current situation and it was the most painful thing I’ve ever had to watch because you certainly deserve better. You were hurting and there was nothing I could do, I… Continue reading Letter Series [3]


Smallest but the strongest

A poem by Kpuri. Kpuri is a graduate from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. A graphic designer, digital painter, 2D illustrator, a writer and a poet.

From the heart

Letter Series [2]

So, babe, you like me but you don't love me, you can't forget me but you have doubts about a future with me. You feel the need to support me but you are skeptical about what role you should play in my life. You are tired of the uncertainty, the unending and undefined relationship. To… Continue reading Letter Series [2]